Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Freebie: 1920 hair styles coloring page

After a long time of thinking about it, I am now finally taking Lila Rodger's Assignment Bootcamp course, which is an illustration course helping artists broaden their portfolio. I've just finished the first assignment, which was ever so fun! We had to illustrate a cover for a coloring book with a 1920's hair styles theme. I worked on the assignment for a bit over 2 weeks and have called it a wrap yesterday.

Since it is a coloring book page, I would really like to have YOU color it. Get your pencils out, enjoy a peaceful moment and get the creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

The freebie is a .jpg document and fits an A4 format perfectly. All you need to do is to print out the page with your home printer. The normal office paper will be just fine for colored pencils and if you'd like to color with markers, I recommend printing the page on a bit thicker paper, for example 200g/m2. 

Please note that the freebie is for personal use only. 

Have fun!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Days with Dreams: all about enjoying peaceful moments at home

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've surely already registered that my dear friend Sandra and I have launched Days with Dreams. I would like to tell you a little more about how it was born and what it's all about as there is lots of love behind the concept.

I've met Sandra (an unbelievable) 7 years ago in an office of an online startup in Prague. Two years down the line, Sandra has switched jobs and I followed her into the same company not too long after :) That was the 2nd time we worked together. We somehow knew there would be a 3rd time too and both of us felt it might be on our own project.

Dreams do really come true; about 3 years later, so this January, Sandra and I were at her home (right here), drinking Harney and Sons tea from princess-like tea cups and dreaming up our creative project, which we later named Days with Dreams.

Sandra is a well-known Czech blogger that writes about home decor, works as a photographer for a flower shop, is an interior designer at an architectural studio and lives her dream. She takes absolutely stunning photographs in her home full of relaxed, dreamy atmosphere, which I fell in love with years ago already. It was a no-brainer that her photos are going to play a big role in our project. I could instantly see how I would draw complimentary illustrations to her photos and we agreed very quickly we would create a calendar together.

A calendar that inspires you my dears to enjoy your days at home. To light up a candle, pick up your favorite book, forget about the world and dive into your own world. To set time aside just for you and to think of where you want your life to take you. Because each of us can live our dream. It might be 3 years from now, but it is totally doable.

We also knew straight from the start that we want the calendar to be not just as pretty as it can be, but also useful. That is why every page has the maximum possible space for you to write in notes and plan your days.

You can order your own 2016 Days with Dreams calendar either in our Etsy shop for €19 or in our Fler shop for 499 Kč. We ship both from Vienna and Prague and accept international orders.

I absolutely love sending out packages and letters and truly look forward to packing the orders, yay!

Cheers to the pretty, relaxed days of 2016!

Friday, 14 August 2015

PaperFest 2015 + Cath Kidston quotes that stood out the most for me

My little temporary tattoos + bookmarks station
All photos above © Lisa Jane Photography (www.lisajane-photography.com)

I found out about PaperFest some time last year after I heard that Anna Bond of Rifle Paper was a keynote speaker at PaperFest 2014.
I immediately put it to the top of my to-do list for 2015 and bought a ticket as soon as they went up for sale.

PaperFest 2015 was on July 24th and I looked forward to it for months!

I however quickly figured that getting to London for the 24th is going to be a little tricky as 23rd is Chris' birthday.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Why I'm giving up on regular blogging + NEWS

Blueberries A4 print from my Etsy shop (see it here)

My 'Love' greeting card (see it here)
'Pink Blonde' watercolor illustration print (details here)
'Happy Day' blueberries note card (in my shop here)
Printable envelope with my Mocking Bird pattern (download it here)
"Good afternoon you lovely lot!"

(I totally borrowed that from PaperFest's newsletter that they sent out today, I'm so excited about PaperFest (no clue who they are? see here) and their communication is just so smooth and elegant, I would love to be so good with words myself. As I am not, I've borrowed it, but naturally, as I am a way too honest person, I would never ever use it without saying where I took it from.)

Speaking of not being a master of words, I'll be bluntly honest again: I am giving up on regular blogging

I believe you should absolutely LOVE what you do and I just don't love blogging (understand regular, for example once in a week) that much. On top of that, I am simply not able to construct naturally flowing and fun stories. If I ever did, it must have taken me hours.

What I do love though (ever since I was a child and my love is always growing) is drawing and being creative.

I am here in this world to do exactly that. I've already quit my day job in January to kick things off, but now, I am ready to drop more things on the road which are not quite exactly me. One thing being regular blogging.

I'm NOT saying you won't see a line of text from me here any time again, but I just can't promise it will be regular or happening often.

I am pretty sure though that I will have some exciting stuff I am dying to share with you roughly 1x a month or so and believe me, when I have something to say, I want to scream out loud.

So if you are okay with once a month, shall we see each other here again in August?

In the meantime, I'll be going to be seeing (I still can't believe I can actually say this) Cath Kidston in a couple of days in London at PaperFest (you sense how excited I am as this is the 3rd time I've mentioned it?) and will be spending a couple of days in a Czech countryside (forest, I'm coming!) with my family.

Oh and please let me know what you think of my newly re-launched Etsy shop, I've filled it with all greeting cards I've got in store (finally I succeeded in taking product photos on my own that I am happy with, YAY!) and also added my new art prints on top! 

Have a fantastic week and see you!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Inspiration: outline illustration + news from my world

Today I have a strong urge to show you two books I've been loving over the past weeks (over Instagram + blog) and the June calendar from Oana Befort. Apart from being absolutely stunning, all of the 3 pieces have one thing in common: outline illustration.

Outline illustration is (as you can tell) illustration without the use of color. Black and white, gorgeous detailed shapes, hello!

Oana's gorgeous June calendar, which you can download on her blog right here
Two - coloring - books I've been really enjoying seeing on Instagram in the past weeks ♥:

Dagdrömmar coloring book by Hanna Karlzon. I'm in love.
Photo credits: Hanna Karlzon's instagram feed (link here)
Second coloring book I instantly loved, coincidentally also by a Swedish illustrator, Tovelisa:

Photo credits: Tovelisa + more of her pictures from the book here

Photo credits: Tovelisa
I must admit I can't really imagine myself coloring these, I think I would just enjoy looking at the fine details of the drawings, as they are.

On a completely different note (from the private life drawer), I've been asked an interesting question today, which is worth sharing, I believe.

What is the difference between graphic design and illustration?

For me, illustration is all about natural, hand drawn lines. It is born on paper, it's not 100% perfect and I connect it with gift products (mostly gift wrap paper and greeting cards), fabric, wall art, tattoos and cute home accessories.

Graphic design sounds a little more serious to me, a little more grown up. The words that come to my mind are corporate, brand, clarity, communication, telling a story and presentation (also business to be honest). I am by no means trying to say that I like graphic design less. That thought doesn't even make sense to me, really.

Speaking of which, I actually have a news to share with you which is pretty big in my world :)

I was accepted to a 3 year Graphic Design evening school here in Vienna, yay! It was on my dream list for quite a while and I can't wait to learn more (I've been a little obsessed about learning things related to illustration, graphic design and freelancing recently).

So I am back to school as of October, wooohooh!

Apart from that, I'm wrapping up last bits and bobs for Feschmarkt in Vienna, which is happening this weekend. I'll be debuting new A4 prints there and a very limited sticker set and will be offering Feschmarkt-exclusive deal on greeting cards too. Drop by to say hello if you are in Vienna this weekend!

Oh and my website is getting a completely new, fresh look, have a look at it on Friday (www.nataliezart.com), it should be sleek and pretty by then! Fingers crossed the launch goes smoothly ;)

So that's that from my world for now dears, I hope you are having a fantastic week and liked my little inspiration + news corner today. Was it a little scattered? I guess, but I really wanted to say it all :)

Bis bald! (German for see you soon!)

PS. I only have 3 months to somehow magically perfect my German skills as I'll be studying in German! I can already see myself sharing my funny German hiccups from classroom with you. At least it will be fun!
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