Monday, 21 October 2013

Light Garlands

Last week I dropped by Tchibo shop here in Vienna to look for small presents as I was going to visit my family and friends back home over the weekend. There were a lot of Christmas-themed products already, I really liked some of their DYI card stamps, candles and Christmas cookie cutters; but there was one product which I simply had to buy for myself. It is a light garland made of 10 paper stars, which have cute cut outs in them. I immediately unpacked it at home, took out nails, hammer and a tape and hung the garland to my bedroom window. It feels magical when lid in the evening.

Light garlands evoke a Christmasy feeling, but I must admit I do not only associate them with winter and cold evenings at home when it is snowing outside. I absolutely adore any kind of light garlands - let it be indoor ones - colorful, any shapes - or outdoor ones for garden parties and naturally the Christmas tree ones.

Speaking of garlands I would like to share this absolutely adorable DYI project called the "DYI Dixie Cup Garland from (link to the project under the following picture):

Another absolutely beautiful garland, which proves that garlands do not have to be all about Christmas:

These lovely birds are from here

Finally, this is my new gorgeous Tchibo LED light garland that I bought last week. I love it. 

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