Thursday, 14 November 2013

November painting: “Love your life”

I recently bought a colorless masking fluid from Schmincke (see my shopping post here). It is a white/ transparent liquid, which you can apply to a paper, wait till it dries (takes a few minutes) and then paint with watercolor over it. The areas where the masking fluid was applied stay colorless. Once your painting is done, you rub the dry masking fluid off, leaving you with areas that have not been touched by the watercolor.


(It pretty much works like sticking a tape on a paper and then painting over it, except it is a fluid, not a tape :)

I am really happy that I found the masking fluid in the art shop; I had to look through thousands of products, all with labels in German. I am not yet so good in German to be able to figure out how to say a colorless masking fluid, so asking the shop keepers for instructions where to find it was a big no go :D Once I had it in my hands, I immediately had ideas how to use it in my drawings.

I have spent 2013 practising drawing faces, which have been a big challenge for me in the past and in 2014, I would like to go back to including a little bit of typography/ design touch in my illustrations.

Hence the little text in my new blue hair fairy, which was born this November.

Please meet and remember to “Love your life”.

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