Monday, 6 January 2014

Birthday cards from Rome

When in Rome over the New Years, I ran across a little shop selling paper goods. Such shops are heaven for me - I cannot resist looking through stamps, all sorts of paper, cards, pens and drawing material.

If you are the same and will be in Rome one day, the shop address is:
la Chiave
Large delle Stimmate, 28 - Roma

January is a month full of family birthdays for me and so I could not resist to buy these birthday cards. I think I would have bought them even if no birthdays were ahead :)

Both of the cards above are illustrated by Mila Marquis, who I found out is an illustrator living in Hamburg and who has this cute Etsy shop.

The card that is lying and features many pieces of men clothing and accessories is illustrated by Rita Berman, based in Frankfurt am Main, also Germany.

I put a lot of effort into selecting birthday cards and I always prefer illustrated ones. I like to imagine the process of how the drawing was created and like to research who is the illustrator so that I can read a little bit about their life.

I can't wait to send these!

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