Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My first ever Kinfolk magazine (part 1/2)

I've got to know about the Kinfolk magazine somehow through Oana Befort's blog. Did I mention she is one of my favorite illustration artists and I adore her blog?

I think you should totally check her blog out for gorgeous drawings, cute little boy stories and pictures that bring peace into a stressful life and make you stop for a bit, thinking of how life is beautiful.
I can write about her blog in a different post, it deserves one on its own. I can just say that the day I discovered her blog, I swear I read it all - I went back and read every single of her posts till the start of her blog. That was like a year ago.

Back to Kinfolk.

I finally received the package today. It came all the way from Portland (printed in Canada) to Austria. It took a month. I could not wait.

Today I opened the package with real care and flipped through the magazine without actually folding the pages so that they do not bend. I want to keep it fresh until I can sit down and read it.

It is beautiful and it has ZERO advertisement. Peace in mind. Love it although I haven't read a single page yet.

I will post pictures of it when I can catch some day light and when the moment is magical enough for me to actually bend the pages and dive in.

So happy.


  1. I looooove Kinfolk! It's the only magazine that makes me feel relaxed and calm (I know that sounds a bit weird). But I think part of the reason is that there is no advertisements in it. I bought two from a local shop and I have them still in the bag they came in because I want to keep them nice :) x

    1. That's so nice to hear! I kept it in the original package too :) I generally do not read magazines (just flip through pictures for inspiration), but I somehow feel that Kinfolk is very different. Can't wait to dive in.

  2. Ooh wow! The blog looks absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed the quality photos, friendly design and gorgeous drawings full of lovely colors! I never heard of the magazine so I immediately checked it out and it looks very charming, calming and stylish. I am very happy for you that you could manage to get it from Canada!;-) x

    1. So happy to hear you liked Oana's blog my dearest Sandy :* Have a lovely day!


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