Monday, 3 February 2014

Favorite Finds: Week 5

There is so much gorgeous art I see by amazing artists that I follow that I decided to do a weekly 'favorite finds' series. I am not sure if I will be able to keep up every week, but I will neatly number each series with the week number so that it is clear when I discovered these.

Enjoy and feel free to follow these artists, I will always credit them with a link under the collection.

1: Illustrator Jenna Rainey shows her studio in a brand new and gorgeous online magazine called Trouvé (see it here).
2: Thailand-based illustrator known on Facebook as Him HP practicing digital painting (follow him here).
3: Agnes-Cecile's most recent painting. You can see her absolutely stunning art pieces here.
4: Liz Clements' 'quick one'. For a regular dose of beautifully illustrated ladies, follow her on Instagram here.
5: For beautiful colors, neat design and photography, you can Like designlovefest Facebook Page here.

Please note that I selected these images from the bottom of my heart. I truly enjoy following these artists and thought that you might too :)

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