Thursday, 20 March 2014

Feinkoch: where design and illustration meet amazing food, at your home

I was not feeling well today and had to stay home so that I am fit for work tomorrow. That meant really staying in bed. As my fridge is almost always empty, I needed to come up with some way of getting food.
I am not a fan of typical take away. Out of desperation, I had a look through the list at one take away site and I decided that I would rather have milk and müsli all day today.
Then it struck me! I've been to a great shop here in Vienna about a year ago, which sells recipes and food in exact amounts you need for the meals and you then cook it at home. Just recently, I noticed friends on Facebook mentioned that Feinkoch also started delivering to your home, on a bicycle. The weather is nice today and so I decided that I will not be overly mean to the bicyclist if I order :)

The bag was at my door within an hour and it was all I hoped for and much more. Lovely packaging, amazing attentive design, stickers, illustrated recipe, extra bonus in form of 2 tasty truffles (or did I throw them into the basket myself? I can't remember, but I like to think it was a surprise), perfect portions for the recipe (no throwing away of leftovers gone bad in my fridge, yay!) and amazing food easily done in 20 minutes.
Thank you Feinkoch, I will be back!

My super tasty soup done. Mahlzeit! (German for 'bon appétit')


  1. This is so cool! Plus it looks so yummy!

    1. It was very yummy indeed :) I love the concept! Have a great day Emma and thank you for stopping by! x


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