Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April drawing: baking a cake with grandma

Today I was inspired by a pure imagination of my grandma and I baking a cherry cake on a Sunday. 

That peaceful atmosphere at your grandma's house, your grandma guiding you with a recipe she knows by heart and both of you enjoying moments of manually working together. The ingredients in your hands, smell of fresh fruit, nibbles (when grandma is looking for that bowl of hers) and a sunny day outside of the window. 

All of that has inspired me to create a mood board with a color scheme and then draw a very simple, yet carefully planned illustration. 

I wish it was a Sunday tomorrow and I could pop over to my grandma's. 

Sources of images used in my mood board:

  • Lecker cherry cake (incl. a recipe!) can be found at Fräulein Klein's gorgeous blog here
  • I could not find the original source of the light blue vase (although I always search the image on Google to find the original source), but you can see it on Pinterest here

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