Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday flowers - brighten up your home for the weekend

It has become a small tradition of mine that I drop by a flower shop (I love the Lederleitner in Vienna) every Friday after work so that we have fresh flowers at home for the weekend.
I like to buy a smaller bouquet for our breakfast table and a taller bouquet for the kitchen bar. 
Having breakfast at a table with flowers is that one extra thing that makes my weekend mornings even brighter :)
So have a great one and if you need to cheer up a little, get yourself some flowers!


  1. Gorgeous photographs Natalie! Flowers can really brighten up the home, I bought some over the weekend for my kitchen :)

    1. Oh I am so happy you did! They make a huge difference to the room's atmosphere, don't they? :) I sometimes walk into the kitchen just to have a look at them :) Have a wonderful day Emma!


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