Monday, 28 April 2014

Letterpress - visiting DruckZeug studio in Graz

I've been curious about letterpress for quite some time as I literally knew nothing about it and only admired beautiful greeting cards on Pinterest and Etsy, apparently printed with it. What caught my attention about letterpress, and is still the number 1 factor why I like this technique, is the fact that the machine presses the letters (or images) into the paper, which gives the final product a very special touch.

So when I got to learn that there is a letterpress studio here in Austria, which offers guided tours, I convinced Chris to come with me and we visited it on Saturday. Chris has been extremely patient with my design-related needs recently, helping me screen print t-shirts for 9 hours straight at the beginning of April (I still have to show these here, I know!) and now going to a letterpress tour with me. I'm such a lucky girl!

The letterpress studio we visited is called DruckZeug and is located in Graz. To me, it felt a bit like a museum; but actually, it is a studio where one can come and print too. It however does have a special atmosphere that made me feel like I was going back to the 1900s.

I did not quite get to printing myself, but at least, I saw how an actual letterpress looks like and learned a bit about how it works.

If you are also curious, I found this little video, which explains the process nicely:

Here are a few images from our Saturday's tour:

A pretty card I bought at DruckZeug


  1. Ooh I am so jealous!! I have always been instrested in letter press! I love screen printing already.

    Can't wait to see your t-shirts!

    1. It is indeed a technique well worth an exploration and trying out! The end products are sooooo beautiful, you can literally feel and see the letters imprinted into the paper.
      Maybe there is a studio you could visit in your city too! So exciting to discover artsy things in your town.
      Have a lovely day Emma


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