Monday, 26 May 2014

Today's drawing: Sad shirt!

I've started working on this illustration a week ago and finished it today. Those buttons on the shirt pockets totally looked like sad eyes to me, hence the title. Poor little shirt.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Back home from a trip to London

I've just came back from a business trip to London yesterday. I was there for 4 days and had a full schedule with work meetings, so I thought I would not have time to take pictures of the city.

What a mistake!

Never, never, never go to London without a camera, trust me. Mainly if you are staying in Shoreditch, like me, which is an area full of art and quirky little creative things that are on every corner. I totally could have snatched lots of interesting pictures to share with you on my way to the tube in the mornings. Well, I guess I'll need to return again soon.

As I can't show my own pictures (those five or so taken with my iPhone 4 are really not good enough!), I found this photographer is showing the street of Shoreditch here really well. Have a peak!

What I however indeed did not have much time for was shopping, but Gatwick Airport helped at least a bit :) The top I am wearing on the picture above is from Zara and the wallet is from Ted Baker. So happy I got them! This is my second wallet from Ted Baker (in a row) and I could not be happier with it.

Apart from London, I hope to be able to get back to drawing soon :) I'm also working on some nice updates to the blog with Amy, so I'll be sharing that with you in the upcoming days.

Take good care and have a lovely Sunday!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

DYI: Book covering

I remember we had to cover some of our textbooks with ugly plastic cover in primary school. Did you have to do that too? I honestly can't even remember why we had to do it.

Recently, I gave this a twist. I started covering books I read with pretty paper. I bought a set of The Japanese Paper Place Book Arts Roll (official website here, one reseller here) last year and never really found a perfect use for them, until I used them on what they are to be used for: books. One morning I somehow realised I don't want everybody in the underground to see that I am reading The Secret (for the 10th time) and I guess I felt a little creative in my morning get-ready-for-work rush and I grabbed the paper, quickly wrapped my book with it and fell in love with that since then.

So why cover books?

- if you pass on books you've read to your friends, they go to their next owner in a much better condition
- it simply looks way nicer to carry around a book in a cover. Simple patterns can sometimes even match your outfit (let's start a new hipster fashion?)
- nobody will ever judge you by the cover :)

Here is my quick guide, it literally takes 5 minutes:
VoilĂ !
Very pretty inspiration for book covering can be seen here, here and here.


Monday, 5 May 2014

Summer shirts

Today was the first day this year I left the house without a jacket on in the morning. Thinking of summer and flipping through magazines has inspired me to dig out my watercolor pans that I have not used for a few weeks.

So happy to come back to them and to be able to draw with some rays of daylight in the afternoon!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Lovely peonies & a happy Sunday to you

I know today is already slowly coming to its end, but I still wanted to wish you a happy (rest of the) Sunday with these lovely peonies that are standing on our kitchen bar.

Apart from looking gorgeous, peonies trigger cute little memories in my head. My first ever bouquet I got from a childhood love were dark red peonies, and my grandma had a large peony bush in her garden in Prague, which was almost exactly the same color as the one in my kitchen now.

Enjoy a peaceful Sunday eve, maybe remembering sweet little things like what flowers bloomed in your grandma's garden :)
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