Saturday, 28 June 2014

Happy weekend to you!

A colleague of mine borrowed me his Bamboo Wacom drawing tablet for the weekend and I've been playing with it lots. The illustration above is done on it. A drawing tablet allows me to create illustrations directly on my computer, without having to draw on paper first and then scan the illustrations to edit them. I've never tried drawing with a tablet before and I must say that I've fallen in love.

Tomorrow I will be celebrating 2 years from the day that I landed in Vienna to live here with my amazing boyfriend Chris and start a completely new, Austrian life. I can't tell you how happy I am here.

So cheers to a happy weekend!


  1. This is absolutely wonderful!!! Such a nice occasion to have a small celebration, ain´t it? ;-) I have never tried nor seen this drawing tablet, it must SO MUCH FUN!!! :-) Enjoy! :-*

    1. Thank you darling <3 It indeed is very fun! I can't wait to try out more ;) Have a fabulous rest of the weekend :*


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