Monday, 23 June 2014

Trouvé magazine volume 01: finally here!

I've ordered the first printed volume of Trouvé magazine in the middle of May. I really could not wait to get it. After two weeks or so have passed from the order, I was looking out for the postman, hoping that he would be coming to bring me a package every time he came into our office.
It was June already and the mag was still not here. I even reached out to the Trouvé team to ask if they knew where on the way from the US to Europe could my mag be stuck. They reassured me it is on the way. Okay, I'll wait, it must come.
Mid June and my mag is still not here :( I was really looking out for it now. Where is it? I see people's pictures on Instagram flipping through the pages and I am envious - they already have it, awwww.
Today a package on my colleague's table struck me. I do not know why I had a look - it was covered under other magazines that came through post - THERE IT WAS! - my Trouvé mag was stuck in a pile of catalogues and magazines at my colleague's desk. All that time. Since June 3rd.
Long way to my home indeed, but it is finally here.

Now I'm off to take a peaceful break and slowly flip through the pages. So glad.

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