Thursday, 7 August 2014

Uppercase magazine review

22 is my birthdate and favorite number, which is one of the reasons WHY.... 
I've selected Uppercase for my first ever ad!
(Obviously not just because of number 22 :) 
This card just got me - what an amazing and creative idea!
(The other page of the postcard is blank)

It features lots and lots of gorgeous photographs
and illustrations.
& now I am off to actually reading the articles, yay!
A couple more notes about the mag:
  • It is shipped from Canada (this already makes it special for me).
  • My order was delayed for technical reasons and the owner herself has sent me an apology e-mail, clearly informing me about when will my delivery come. I SO appreciate when the owner genuinely cares for the customers and shows it with actions. Thank you Janine.
  • First positive surprise when the package arrived and I opened it: the magazine is non-glossy. Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely love it. It feels so much nicer than regular mags and reflects the simplicity and beauty of handcraft. 
  • No ads (yes, I have paid to be listed, but I am talking the regular, full page, annoying ads - they are not here).
  • Their newsletter rocks. I normally dislike newsletters. Uppercase's is not the spammy newsletter you delete once it hits your inbox and look for unsubscribe link immediately. No, this is actually great content that I read asap. Simply smart. 
That's that, I have 2 more issues coming within the next six months and am very happy about that!

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