Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why I love walking in the forest

Chris and I went for an afternoon walk into the forest last Sunday. I've been wanting to go for such a long time!

I've spent majority of my childhood summers in Sweden, visiting my aunt, who had a house on an edge of a forest. I would just walk behind the house and enter the magical world of moss, blueberries and bugs. I spent long hours sitting at a rock, exploring the miniature world of every leaf around me, playing with imaginary tiny creatures.

This childhood obsession with forest has stuck with me. Here is what I love about it nowadays:

- crunchy branches under feet
- mushroom picking
- blueberry picking
- looking at tiny little details like rain drops caught on spider webs
- observing bugs
- the colors of wild flowers
- pressing Jewelweed seedpods which explode when touched
- being super quiet and observing, hoping to see a doe (we saw one on Sunday! She was sooooooo pretty, but ran away the moment I tried to reach for my camera)
- that feeling of the forest being a tiny little bit scary, but super exciting
- sun rays coming through the trees
- lonely wood houses
- wearing comfy shoes, long pants and a fleece jacket
- rain drops hitting the leaves

I've pretty much built up a forest walk craving in my head now just by listing these :)

Do you feel the same about the forest? 


  1. So in love with this article! I adore exactly the saaaame things when I go to the forest!!! It´s such a pleasure to stay quite for a while and watch all this magical world around you...the best time for mushroom picking is yet to come, wahaaay! ;-)

    1. Oh I am so happy that you feel the same about walks in a forest, dearest Sandy :)
      The forest pretty much instantly throws me back to the time I was 5 years old, with my rain boots and a couple of sizes too large sweater on which I borrowed from my older cousin, exploring the magical forest world.
      It's magical.


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