Thursday, 4 September 2014

I've been to a Mixed Media workshop with Miss Led today & want to tell you about it!

Ha! Today was the day. Workshop with Miss Led. THE illustrator I've been looking up to for months by now. She chose Vienna to hold a workshop of hers, I believe as the first European city (correct me from wrong) and there was no way I was going to miss it.

So how was it?

It was real good. Miss Led was very sweet, knowledgeable and really there for us, prompting us to ask as many questions as we wanted, and pushing us to learn something new and to experiment. Which, in essence, was all I was hoping to take away from the course. A really nice atmosphere, learning something new and meeting Miss Led.

We received a list of materials to bring to the course beforehand and one of the things to bring was an A3 portrait we've drawn.

Funnily enough, I've just printed a portrait drawing of mine like a week before I even got to know about the course (it was meant to be!), so I brought this lady with me:

We learned how to transfer our drawing onto a new sheet of paper and then the magic began. Total loosening up of our normal, typical ways of working. We were asked to go wild, not really think too much and splash the colors. 

Miss Led was guiding us with tips, her own tricks and experiences. 

I'm normally really not used to just throwing color on paper, I am usually rather selective and think about every step that I make, but I have to admit it was super fun. 

This was my work-in-progress piece after 2 hours of first transferring it and then splashing paint on it:

Please note that at this stage, I was quite far from being done (and really threw together some colors I would normally not have the courage to splash out without thinking) and there is also masking fluid on the drawing, which needs to be rubbed off later. 

Well and the final final piece, which I wrapped up at home today is here:

The colors are a little bit off from how they appear on daylight and I am quite far from being proud about this piece, but it was FUN. For the first time in ages, I just went at it without much thinking. 

If I want to continue working like this, I have tons to practice, but I have most definitely enjoyed the course and am very glad that I could have attended. 

Thank you Miss Led!

Random thoughts:

- I loooooved Hannah's drawing, that was a girl sitting to the left from me.
- the course could have been a tiny little bit longer, I think 3 hours would have been perfect
- it was such a lovely sunny day; it rained non stop for 10 days before that, but clearly, the sun came out just for us 
- there was a videographer, yay! I really hope the vid will be shared with us!
- I took many more pictures of Miss Led, but my camera totally gave up on me, they all came out blurry
- I could draw for a week straight now

To sum it up, WHAT a day! 

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