Tuesday, 21 October 2014

SNEAK PEEK: greeting cards for a soon-to-open shop

After two nights of processing my artwork on a computer and placing orders, these babies are now off to print, YAY! The two designs above, as well as a few other beautiful cards, will open my shop in November

Long months were leading up to this moment and I am ever SO excited. I mean like happy dance excited, laughing like a kid excited, being happy every day thanks to this excited. REALLY excited!

I've long known that art is my higher purpose. Creating artwork for others to gift to their beloved ones. Encouraging people to put the extra effort into gifting by selecting artwork made with care and by sharing personal, handwritten notes from the heart. This is my mission. 

I'm so ready and thrilled to do this. 

PS. I also ordered some absolutely lovely tiny matching stickers, which I'll be using to spread the love on packages. Can't wait to see these cute sticky things!

PSS. I'll be announcing the opening on Facebook if you want to see the cards hit the shop. 

Have a fab day, ideally incl. a happy dance, laughs like a child and a happy heart. It's the best stuff. 

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