Sunday, 5 October 2014

Today we are visiting my dream studio, come in!

Image by Gabor Schlosser
I've been dreaming of my art studio for quite some time and since I've built a pretty detailed vision of how that dream studio looks like, I've decided to visualise it through images so that it is one step closer :) Let me invite you for a pop over, this is where I work on my artwork in my head.

The studio is in an old Viennese house, which has a lofty extension to it and is a 30 minute commute from my home. It's located in an artsy area of Vienna, with pop up stores, little design shops and galleries close by.

We walk up to the last floor and enter a huge loft work space, where a couple other freelancers work. They are all lovely people by the way!
My station is located in a corner and is one of the quieter areas within the shared offices.

The ceilings are really high, allowing tons of daylight to shine through.

Photo found on Pinterest here
Credits, from left to right, top to bottom: one, two, three
Some walls are exposed, showing a pretty brick structure, other walls are clean white. There is lots of white & black, contrasted by warm spots and splashes of color.

My corner has two desks: one with my computer, scanner and other technical bits and bobs, and the other desk is purely for drawing and creating.

Credits: left, right
All my art materials, brushes, magazines with inspiration, materials for wrapping orders, papers, etc., are neatly stored in an easy-to-reach storage.

Photo found here
There is a good amount of plants around, which bring life to the otherwise relatively cold lofty space. 

One, two
There are a couple of cozy corners, where I flip through magazines to get inspiration and relax a bit after a long day of art work. These also serve as perfect mini photo shoot stations where I can take pictures of my products.  

From left to right, top to bottom: one, two, three
So now that you've seen where I work, let's grab a lunch at my favorite veggie restaurant close by. The owners are lovely, we became friends as I go there almost every day :) Shall we?

Photo found here
Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to come by again, this time in reality :) Enjoy the rest of your day!

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