Sunday, 23 November 2014

New in: stationery and jewelry from interesting places

- lovely treasures I recently discovered, completely by surprise -

Loving this pendant from Myns with a secret inside, which I got at a local bloggers event organised by Fashion Camp Vienna. Out of many 'secrets' to choose from, my best friend Begimai chose this little buddha for me, which brings fulfillment & inspiration. Couldn't be happier with that!
I've been thinking of ordering Flash Tattoos for quite a while, so when I saw them at a shoe shop counter in New York, they were in my bag in a split of a second. One of the packages includes many bracelets, necklaces and rings in gold and silver. Yay!

Apart from jewelry, I got myself these stationery pretties:

These have, too, popped at me at unexpected places. I've gotten the pencil at Feschmarkt, local designers' market, from a Czech stationery brand, Papelote. The girls at Papelote weren't at all surprised that I started speaking Czech at them, here in Vienna; I guess I was by far not the only Czech there :) 

The washi tapes and scissors are from a newly open Japanese take out, o.m.k., which I've discovered through a graphic designer that did their branding and posted the project on her Facebook Page. From a trip for a yummy dinner, I ended up with not just amazing food, but washi tapes, double sided gift wrapping paper and scissors as well!

Scissors, washi tapes and gift paper visible on pictures above, all from House Doctor (through o.m.k. in Vienna)

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