Saturday, 20 December 2014

Early morning tea at home: come in!

Our home is tiny (30m2) and it's definitely not a flat that looks like it's just been featured in Elle Home. We can't paint the walls and most of the furniture came with it and must stay here. 
I've however learned to love it as it is. There are lots of tiny little corners that I adore and art that cheers me up every day. 
Come in for a small visit, I've made some tea.
This flag is from Zana and flew to our home all the way from Cape Town :)
Lovely photos by Clive Figes, taken at the English riviera
Custom 'Christof & Natalie' banner from Minted
Dinner Time print by Balázs Solti from Curioos
A tiny treat from Ladurée which I only ate last night (got it in NYC in October!)
Christmas Card from my most adored grandma arrived last week 
Lady by Floyd Grey, purchased at Curioos. They don't sell this one anymore though as it was a limited collection. So glad to have it!
Little tea candle lighthouse I got in Amsterdam & our picture from when I've freshly moved to Vienna
A cute reminder of a night full of dancing in Pratersauna, Vienna
Guardian angel from my sister
Pre-Christmas atmosphere in our bathroom :)
These stars have become our all-year bedroom deco, which makes our evenings ever so cozy


  1. Je to všechno taáák krásné a originální, až se mi tají dech.

    1. Jejej, to se z toho az cervenam :) Dekuji hrozne moc! Krasny den Vivi!

  2. Ach, jak je jen možné, že mi tento článek proklouznul???? Taková nádhera a konečně vidím, jak to máš doma krásné!!! Ta fotka z koupelny je dokonalá <3

    1. Hihi :) Dě-ku-jiiii <3 Je to velice skromný byteček, ale i tak jsem si ho zamilovala.


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