Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Today I'm loving: Christmas edition

December / Horses / Candle / Pillows / Rolling pins / Pouch
This year, my family and I have agreed that we are not giving each other presents. I must admit I'm so relieved. For the first time, Christmas will be purely about the time spent together, cooking together, relaxing, eating and telling stories. 

As I am freed from the Christmas hustle in shops, I am spending my free time relaxing and gathering inspiration. I found the images above when researching sellers' stories on the Etsy blog. I absolutely loved peeking into their studios, reading about their processes and how their creative business grew. This is my prep for January when I'll start working on my own creative world. 

Ready for a dose of genuine stories & pretty handmade goods on top?

December (by Twenty Fingers)
This story, the location, their products, photos, everything is so fairy-tale like, magical, yet beautifully simple. I'm convinced you'll like their Instagram feed too.

Horses (by Amanda Kingloff)
I fell in love with this DYI project at first sight. So much that I seriously looked for vintage salt and pepper shakers to buy to do the project. I didn't quite find any that I would buy and also realised that we don't need new shakers now, but I adore the project anyways. 

Candle (Tokyo Factory)
Looking at the process photos, I want to go and make candles right now! The concept, minimalistic branding and natural ingredients plus a genuine smile of the owner make one perfect business model for me to look up to and admire. 

Pillows (by Belles & Ghosts)
For a split of a second, I thought it might be paint spilled on MissySue's hands. A mili-second later, I realised that her hands are that pretty all the time. Clearly, they create really pretty things too.

Rolling pins (by BoonHomeware)
If we were giving each other presents (and I found it early enough), I would have bought this rolling pin for my grandma. And if I baked (which I don't), I would have gotten it for myself too!

Hand-painted, hand-made, super pretty, totally my style.

I hope you've enjoyed this handmade tour and you are having as much peaceful pre-Christmas time as possible :*

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