Friday, 9 January 2015

First week in an art studio

A sweet start
Even before I moved in and started thinking of furniture positioning,
I already knew I'll have to have LED lights around :)
Inspiration literature & paper samples
Finally I have a space where I can have my framed work around! Yay!
Pretty things are in the works!
The first week in my new studio has gone by. 

Actually, Wednesday was my first day, so it's been 3 days. Today, the studio feels more cozy, a little more 'me'. It's not yet perfect, but it's getting there.
My corner is a part of a larger workspace, where other freelancing artists work. We've got furniture makers here, an oil painter, someone that works with leather, in total about 10 people. I've only met about one or two of my studio mates and hope to meet others soon.
The overall space has a lofty, a little rough and messy, yet very cozy atmosphere. The owners (super lovely people) do all sorts of workshops and events for creatives, one which I've been to already: nude models drawing. Another one is in a couple of days, woohoo!

I've started two print projects this week and found a local, great quality print house and I truly cannot wait to show you what I'm working on, soon. Once I have all organizational bits and bobs ready, products printed and an online shop opened, I'll definitely let you know. 

I'll be posting more often on Facebook and Instagram, follow me if you want to see what's in the works!


  1. I looooove it! :) All of it!! :) Super happy for you and mega excited :)

    1. Thank you honey, soooo sweet of you!! I'll keep you posted ;) Have a fab day!!


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