Monday, 19 January 2015

Freebie: Circular thank you cards in mint & rosé

As a small thank you (yes, YOU my friends) for your continuous support, lovely comments and for visiting my blog, I've made circular 'thank you' cards for you. If you click on this link, the file will automatically start downloading in your browser. 

The two cards are on an A4 sheet of paper, which you can easily print out and then cut out the cards. They are 8cm wide, one is mint, the other is rosé. 

I recommend you to print them on a 200 g/m2 paper (which is about two times thicker than the regular office paper).

Feel free to print them out as many times as you wish, punch a hole in them, gift to a friend, use it as a gift tag or simply keep for yourself. 

Have fun!

Note: the cards are for personal use only

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