Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Today's morning sketch session (aka 'testing if I still like to draw portraits')

Throughout January, I've been working on mostly greeting card/ poster designs with floral motives, hand lettering and pastel color palettes (all pretty much my favorite themes to work on). The projects are being test printed this and next week; I can't wait to share the final results in Feb! Yay!

Today however, I felt like I need to double check with myself whether I am still able to draw faces. I've devoted the whole year 2013 to drawing portraits only (which was definitely not a strength of mine before that) and kind of left them out again in 2014, returning to what I do best - flower patterns.

Without thinking of a final piece or any goal, I sketched these two ladies today morning (overall time roughly 3 hours - time FLIES when I draw!) and I must say, I am quite happy.

I'll not be working on these ladies anymore as I'm jumping on a bus to Prague in a couple of hours to celebrate my and my siblings' birthdays this week, but all in all, I think these ladies served their purpose already :)

Have a fab week and see you on Facebook/ Instagram/ here next week. Ciao!


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