Monday, 9 February 2015

Temporary tattoos: where & why is it fun to wear them

In the past 1 year, temporary tattoos became a fashion hit. I see them in more and more shops, on Etsy, on design markets, Instagram, the trend just keeps on growing. The latest boom (about 6 months back) were silver and gold tattoos. 
I have to however admit, that I don't quite that many people wearing them on the streets yet. At least here in Vienna. Why though? Do people still think that it's just for kids?

I definitely don't think so and even if, I must admit I adore things that are for kids (I've had my last Kinder Surprise egg the day before yesterday). I mean, don't you - maybe secretly - adore doing stuff that's supposed to be for kids? Like stopping by on a playground and having a swing when nobody's looking? I totally do!

I've first noticed temporary tattoos thanks to Tattly, which I've tried about a year ago (my review is here). I've covered both of my hands in them and went to have a dinner with friends, followed by a visit in a bar and then a club. The reaction of people seeing my hands has entertained me almost more than the tattoos themselves. 

So why and where to wear temporary tats?
  • Just for yourself
It's become an accessory for me. Same like picking up that special necklace that matches my outfit. It just looks great and I really like seeing the tats during the day. 
  • To a restaurant. The more posh, the better. 
I've really enjoyed the looks of people in a restaurant. They were literally studying my hands. I could feel all eyes are on me. Some had very judgmental looks, some admiring, it was simply an extraordinary experience and it definitely allowed me to see how people that have real tattoos must feel sometimes. 
  • To work
The first day I wore the tattoos to work, they were mentioned about 15 times in just that one day. I am not trying to say that I love being in the center of attention, but again, I kind of enjoy that awkward moment of people thinking that it might be real. Plus, the tattoos are simply a pleasure to look at for yourself during the day. 
  • To the swimming pool/ at the sea
As the tattoos are waterproof, they are a great accessory for swimming. Flash Tattoos (my review here) have started a new fashion trend with their tats and pretty much the vast majority of their promotional photos are from the beach. I think it looks great!
  • For a themed party
We've worn some for Canada Day last year in the office and it just added that little special touch. I think it can be really fun for birthday parties too! 

My Tattly experience
Flash Tattoos
My own temporary tattoo designs (pssst, nobody knows yet, but I have already opened my shop with them. I am stocking up now and will announce the shop opening when the shop has more items in it). You can see it here.
Another tat from my collection - see the secret note above
I would love to hear whether temporary tattoos are popular in your surrounding? Do you wear them yourself? Let me know, I am all ears!

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