Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tattoo design: bookings for May now open!

Hi lovelies!

How have you been? Has the sun been helping you out of the bed in the mornings as well? It's so nice to feel the spring coming again. I'm so much more energetic and ready to jump out of bed when the room is lit with sun rays. Happy days!

Apart from being pumped up about the spring, I've been busy working on tattoo designs. I fell in love with them so much that I've decided to schedule in more of them for May, yays!
So if you or a friend of yours have been thinking of a lovely flowery or neat lettering tattoo and want to have a motive designed just for YOU, then get in touch! My calendar is already booked for April (I miiiiiight be able to squeeze in 1 last commission if you are fast), so I'm now opening bookings for May.
[Update 25.3.: April is fully booked now, that one last squeeze space was booked today!]

Lily tattoo design for Martina in progress
Detail of the final motive. I worked on it for 10 hours in total and made sure every little detail is perfect.
My lily design finalised by the tattoo salon - one very happy customer!
Font inspiration for my second tattoo design.
This font has been designed for Mr. Masaryk's (the first Czech president) presidential ball invitations.
It's now been used for presidential ball that took place in Prague in March.
First round of sketches: pretty letter Ts
Work in progress - getting close to the final motive!
You tell me what your idea is - I create a unique piece of art just for you - you get a tattoo in your favorite tattoo salon - all of us are happy!
My work process:
1. DEFINITION: Customer tells me what their basic idea is, what's the size and placement of the tattoo and we agree on the scope of the work.
2. INITIAL SKETCHES: I then go ahead and start researching, gathering inspiration and work on the first set of sketches. Usually, this includes 3 rough sketches for the customer to choose from, though it really depends on the project, you can for example see that I did five letter Ts within the initial sketches for the latest tattoo work.
3. FIRST REVISION: When my initial sketches are done, the customer revises them and tells me which one is their favorite and we agree on how I'll develop the motive further.
4. SECOND REVISION: I then create another round of much more detailed sketches for the customer to revise. By this point, we are both falling in love with the image :)
5. FINAL REVISION: Lastly, I am sending the customer the third round of my work - either we are done and jumping up by happiness or I finish off last details and we are euphorically happy then.

The final motive is a piece of art that is just for that one person and makes us both ever so proud.

I am so ready to do more of these; I fell in love.

See more of my work in my portfolio here & drop me a line if you want to find out more!


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    1. Děkuji Šárko! Já jsem se do nich zamilovala ;) Ještě že jsem je navrhovala pro zákaznici, jinak bych již asi silně přemýšlela nad tím si je nechat vytetovat :D


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