Monday, 20 April 2015

Why I keep on going to conferences although it's a torture for me + pictures from Eva Fisher's photography workshop

I've tortured myself a little this past weekend, again.

I went to a local blogger conference (Fashion Camp Vienna). Don't take me wrong, the conference itself was really fantastic and has totally exceeded my expectations, the torture part is completely in my head. 

Although I've been to a lot of conferences in the past (mostly representing my past employers, making contacts for the company), I actually really don't like start conversations with people I don't know. Approaching strangers, small talk, networking = NOT my thing! I am like dying inside when I'm supposed to network. This time was even harder as everybody was speaking German - the language I almost perfectly understand, yet constructing sentences just takes me too long for a normal fluent chat. I really didn't feel comfortable approaching small groups of girls that were so happily talking in German and completely switching the mood of their chat by being like 'Hi, I'm Natalie, so nice to meet you! Feel free to speak German to me whilst I respond in English' AWKWARD! (I know it's actually not so awkward, but in that moment, I felt like it's the most difficult thing in the world.)

I'll tell you a secret - I literally went outside during the lunch break to talk to my mum over the phone so that I wouldn't need to network. Haha! I'm so ashamed yet it's so me. 

By the way, I ADORE talking with people I know, one to one, or in small groups. My issue disappears once we start talking, but it's that moment when I'm supposed to open up a chat with a stranger that I totally freak out inside.

Yet I keep on going to conferences anyways. I love the presentations, the decorations (what a reason :D but I do!), the workshops and it always, always ends up being totally worth it. 

Well and it was the same for this conference. Loved the talks, loved the food, loved the deco, the goodie bag, the atmosphere and most of all - Eva Fisher's 1.5 hr photography workshop. She's like a food blogger superstar here in Austria (her blog is called Foodtastic) and her pics are a treat. The workshop was amazing. I learned a few great tricks and shot some of the best scene pics I've ever taken. 

So enough of confession time, here are some of the shots I took yesterday :) 

PS. Please have fingers crossed for me during the upcoming weekend, I'll be having a stall with my greeting cards, book marks, art prints, temporary tattoos and a few original illustrations at Edelstoff Designmarkt here in Vienna. This will be my first ever stand at a design show and I am so excited!! I don't know what to expect, but I can't wait already!

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