Thursday, 7 May 2015

Weekly Mini Story series on Facebook

Hi lovelies!

I hope you are having a great day today. It's nicely sunny here in Vienna, the summer is almost here!

Last Sunday, I started a small weekly Mini Story series on my Facebook page. Have you noticed?

I love sharing longer stories here on the blog with you. I however feel like here on the blog, the articles scream for beautiful photos. The camera on my phone is horrid (I absolutely cannot wait to the moment when I get a new phone - hopefully in July) and so I can only shoot with my larger camera and then I edit the photos one by one in Photoshop. I'm a total perfectionist and sometimes preparing a blog post takes me up to 3 hours.

That is why I thought that sharing little stories on Facebook might be handy :)

What do you think?

See the first story - which is all about my artist name - here. The second one is coming on Sunday!

PS. I am not quite sure yet whether I will stick to posting them on Facebook or move them to an e-mail form or even to the blog, but in any case, I like the idea of posting shorter stories.

PSS. Did I tell you that a complete overhaul of is in progress? It's been quite a demanding project so far with lots of tech challenges on the go, but I can tell you already, it will be so pretty. Most of all, it will finally be clear what I offer and what can businesses/ individuals hire me for. I CANNOT wait to share this with you once it's done!

Oh and a last note - please have fingers crossed for me around May 15th :) I am taking part in Bonnie Christine's Surface Pattern Design course competition and would LOVE to win it with my Swedish Forest pattern collection. Have a look at it here if you are curious. I will be officially debuting the collection a little later in May.

Have an amazing weekend all of you! Chris and I will be at Feschmarkt Design market in Graz from Friday till Sunday, wooohooo!

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