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PaperFest 2015 + Cath Kidston quotes that stood out the most for me

My little temporary tattoos + bookmarks station
All photos above © Lisa Jane Photography (

I found out about PaperFest some time last year after I heard that Anna Bond of Rifle Paper was a keynote speaker at PaperFest 2014.
I immediately put it to the top of my to-do list for 2015 and bought a ticket as soon as they went up for sale.

PaperFest 2015 was on July 24th and I looked forward to it for months!

I however quickly figured that getting to London for the 24th is going to be a little tricky as 23rd is Chris' birthday.

In the end, it turned out to be perfect as Chris and I decided to fly to London together and his birthday was that more special. I've ordered a surprise bottle of Prosecco + cake for him on the board (which turned to be easier than I thought, Austrian Airlines have a fab service!) and also ordered two 70cm large helium balloons to surprise him in the hotel room upon our arrival. Everything went ever so smoothly and I had so much fun organising it!

Birthday surprise for Chris (he first wanted to take the balloons with him when we were leaving the hotel and when I explained that two 70cm balloons wouldn't be so great in a cab, he inhaled the helium instead :D)

Our hotel was just a 2 minute walk to PaperFest and Chris escorted me there in the morning with an umbrella (so sweet of him!) and then picked me up when the day was over. It was pouring rain and actually quite chilly as well - we went from 38°C degrees in Vienna to about 17°C in London. I didn't really think it through with my summer sandals and a dress, but yeah, whatever :)

Overall, I can say that
  • the organisation was amazing. I felt like the organisers were really thinking of every tiny bit and nothing was left out. Lovely e-mail reminders of the location, what to take with us, speakers line up printed out for all of us, gorgeous tickets SENT to all participants by regular post, simply perfection. 
  • the location was beautiful. Central London, a very pretty space, super gorgeous decorations, the venue was a stationery lover's dream. 
  • the atmosphere was ever so friendly. I don't think I've ever felt more 'at home' in a group of a 100 people than here. Everywhere I looked was a person that likes paper, great design, stationery and wants to hear stars from the industry. Unreal. 
  • it was totally worth it to 1. get the ticket and 2. fly over from Vienna. In the end, the coincidence with Chris' birthday turned out absolutely perfectly and both 23rd and 24th were days I'll remember for a very very long time. 

Cath Kidston on the stage
Photo © Lisa Jane Photography
During the day, I've made tons of notes with things the speakers said. But one thing stuck the most.

"The business was a REAL STRUGGLE for the first couple of years" Cath Kidston

I already heard this from all possible business people I know and follow. My dad told me, my friends told me, I read it in interviews, but hearing Cath say it was somehow really soothing. Even she had to invest long long years of challenges and kept on chasing her dream nevertheless.

One more quote that stands out from my little notebook full of scribbles from the day was an answer to a question someone in the audience asked Cath:

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?
"Be really brave, go for it and don't worry"
Less worry dears, less worry!

I was also caught on camera during some very concentrated, deep thinking moments (haha!), so if you want to see how the day was and see my 'I'm trying to take a photograph' face and a 'which macaroon color do I choose' face, watch out at 0:24 and 0:39 :D

The cover photo hand with a #paperfestlondon temporary tattoo that I designed for PaperFest + some fresh cardigan pattern imprint is also mine.

I simply know when to jump infront of camera (laughing :)

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